Afterlife Connect is launched


Afterlife Connect is launched

I am delighted to report the Launch of Afterlife Connect ( This was my own personal project that I developed to ensure the public who were looking for mediums, only find reputable mediums. The second reason was to offer a platform where churches could promote themselves and help to increase their members, whilst helping to educate those interested in the afterlife and development. The last reason was to offer a special marketing platform where only professional mediums could promote their work and to ensure they were found by those looking for them. It was a very long time in development and has been launched a couple of months back. Since then, it has grown and more and more mediums and churches are venturing over. We aim to offer free lectures and webinars to our members without the sales pitch of anything at the end, just good old fashioned knowledge to help you with your spiritual growth, mediumship and understanding the afterlife and grief.

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