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Media Interview Request

I am delighted that you have an interest in Interviewing me and below I have given some FAQ’s and a form to help both of us know if we are a fit for one another. I am only interested in serious interviews that add some value to those who may be spiritually seeking. I am not interested in mere entertainment or media with a negative slant, political or heavily religious.

I do limited interviews and prefer collaborating with those who bring value to our work and the world. Please refer to the FAQs.

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Frequently Ask Question

Do you travel to Interviews?

Yes I do depending on the location and timeline that you are looking towards.

Do You expect to be paid for the interview?

No, I do not expect to be paid for the interview, but I would like you to promote our charity should we decide we are a match.

Will you pay for the interview?

No, I will not pay for an interview, this is a two way street and we both benefit in some way.

Do you expect to sell products at the interview?

No I do not sell products and nor do i expect to do any selling. I am more about the knowledge and service to humanity.

Do You Promote Our Interview or can you promote our network.

Yes, I can and have many online assets including magazine sites, news and educational sites. I am definitely interested in helping one another. I also own a very successful media marketing company so understand the value. All quality media get featured on my site with a link back. Paranormal Shows will get their own media page on PDN if the show is high quality and very professional.

Are you available for other interviews and speaking engagements?

Yes I am, and would like to know more about the engagements and expectations.

Do you do live readings on air?

I used to in the past and now choose not to because I am not an entertainment system and it would seem that from experience 99% of questions are rarely serious and involve the “What do you see anything around me in the future” or “Am i going to get that Job.” I am not a palm reader or a street psychic and only deal with those suffering through grief. Depending on the circumstances, I may arrange a special event for readings. However, those who really want help can attend an event or book a private  or group session with me.

Will You Take Questions?

Yes, I will answer serious questions about my work and the afterlife.

Do you have a media pack?

Yes, I have a media pack you can use to help promote the interview including, images, video, forms and more.

Do you earn your living from just this work?

No, I do not and most if not all proceeds go toward charity goals and developing our non-profit organization.

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