Spiritually enlightening thoughts and musings from a seasoned medium and spiritual teacher. I bring insights and wisdom from the world of spirit to enlighten and to serve with education and illumination.

I will be thankful for today

Think on this for the moment! How profound is this statement? This statement was given to me by my spirit guide when I was going through a pretty emotional time. This immediately made me consider about the wonder of the present moment.

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Awareness and change

Do you really believe that everyone can change his or her lives for the better, or is one stuck within the rut they find themselves in, bound by environmental circumstances, judgements or external influence?

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How to Pray

I find myself considering the power of prayer increasingly, and watching people and how they pray. I have been astounded at how individuals see prayer or believe what prayer is, also how they promote prayer or even show off a prayer in public.

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Trusting your Intuition

We all have a sixth sense and by unlocking your sixth sense, you can become your own protector and personal adviser, you learn that in trusting your intuition you can remain safe and protected..

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How a Mediumship book helped a grieving father

Many people who read "Deadly Departed" are surprised at how it can help someone grieving. It is not just for people who are developing mediums or paranormal experts.

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Seeds of the Soul

The Miracle of your Seeds Of The Soul; Everything starts from a seed of some description, whether it is the seed of a flower, the seed of man, or the seed of a thought – everything starts from that seed.

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The Domino Effect

The domino effect is not a science but a truth that is as old as the laws of the universe. It is universal knowledge and a gift for all of humankind – it’s a gift that we can all give and costs nothing, but the effects can be staggering.

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Voices from beyond or possession

Dr. Ruth Wilson a junior doctor hears voices – a male voice that slowly begins to oppress her, trying to control her will and suggesting that she commits acts that are otherwise against her own nature.

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Afterlife Connect is launched

I am delighted to report the Launch of Afterlife Connect ( This was my own personal project that I developed to ensure the public who were looking for mediums, only find reputable mediums.

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Do they miss us in the Spirit World

A question from a grieving mother regarding her grief and loss was the catalyst to my guide TC giving the following answer.

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The Tree of Your Life

Once there was a forest and everything lived in harmony with the forest, and the trees, vegetation, animals, and life force made up the life of the forest.

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The Preciousness of Life

I write this as a tribute, in memory of a friend and colleague's brother who tragically passed a few days ago under devastating circumstances. Prayers go out to Vincent and his family.

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Greatness Inspired

What does it mean to be great? What makes an individual great and what do we mean by greatness. Throughout time, there have been many who have to tread the path of greatness upon the earth plane...

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