Evidential Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings

I specialize in conducting evidential mediumship readings, which revolve around two primary aspects. I choose not to overwhelm my clients with an abundance of services dressed in fancy terminology, intended to create an illusion of something exceptionally unique.

service approach

I believe in simplicity and authenticity, and I do not offer an extensive range of services with embellished terminology. My goal is to provide genuine support without unnecessary frills.

Appointment Scheduling

Due to my busy schedule, my assistant will contact you to confirm appointments for mediumship readings, both on a one-on-one and group basis. I do not always accept everyone for readings. I kindly request that you seek my services only if you are genuinely in need and dealing with grief.

Jane, Author

“Jock is amazing words can not really explain it he can tell you things no one in the world can know other then yourself he is the real deal i was happy with my reading all i can say is trust me if you have any thought of is this real is and worth it when you do a reading with him you will be blown away as i was”

Adele Barclay, Codetic

“Well I was very excited about getting a reading from Jock but nothing could have prepared me for how good the reading was from him. I was going through a hard time in my life and this reading not only made things clear in my head but it gave me an understanding on how to cope”

Mary, Consultant

“Jock, is truly amazing. He provided names of my family members and a very dear friend who passed away several years ago. Not only that, he provided verification so that I would know it was my Dad and others speaking to me. His messages were right on the button. He is genuine, funny and very compassionate.

Jeannie M

"I went to see Jock a couple of months after my mother passed away, like other people have mentioned i was blown away by how accurate Jock was, he told me the item i forgot to pick up from the table and the funny incident that had happened on route to my reading ! The comfort i took from what jock told me has stayed with me for the last two years and has enabled me to make decisions in my life with more clarity. i couldn't recommend Jock highly enough! not to mention the fact that jock comes across as a thoroughly decent human being who you instantly feel at ease with. I happened to come across him on skype and we said hello, i had another reading with great evidence from spirit. much of what was said was personal, but i am happy to say it helped me to move on and find happiness in a new relationship. Thanks Jock."

Andrea Greenwood, Hypnotherapis

"The first time I spoke to Jock I had an open mind. I'd spoken to many psychics and to be quite honest they were either fraudsters or delusional. Jock asked one thing of me, that I told him nothing. He then went on to give me such factual information about times I'd spent with my grandma that I was blown away. He said she was talking to him and a lot of the information given referred to things that I'd forgotten over time. He even spoke using expressions that she used to come out with. Whatever anyone believes nobody will ever be able to convince me that it was not my grandma that I was in touch with. That night Jock was my phone to the spirit world and it is an experience I will never forget and always be grateful for. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Krystin V, Military

"I personally have a hard time believing any testimonials I read until I experience the situation myself. Please take my word when I say that my personal experience with Mr. Brocas was nothing short of life changing. If there was any doubt in my mind that this was real” before I went, that hesitation is 100 percent gone. There is no research in the world that he could have done on my family, to come up with the things that were said to us. There were no general statements. These were pure facts, and names, addresses, areas, and situations that applied to my family that he spoke of. We went in hopes to connect with my Grandmother, who had passed almost a year to the day of when we went. She did in fact come through, and it was almost like sitting there having a conversation with her, instead of Jock. I brought my brother with me, who was having a hard time coping with her death. I can already see a change in him, he will hopefully start to heal because now he knows without a doubt that our Grandmother is at peace.
Jock gets my highest recommendation of any medium, it will be well worth the wait to go and see him. We can't wait to go back if he will accept us, which is rare!

Bryan, CA Church Manager

"My appointment with Mr. Brocas was arranged as a Christmas Gift. A short year prior, I had lost my best friend and mother. The year was extremely difficult for me and, while I received my gift with gratitude, I wouldn't be convinced that a mediums gifts were anything more than a well-polished perceptiveness. To safeguard my being drawn‐in, I did lots, no, tons of research. It was a full investigation of what‐not‐to‐say and plenty of resources to help prove my skepticism. Meeting Mr. Brocas was unexpectedly comforting. In the first minutes, he shared information with me that he could not have known information that only my mother could have known. I quickly realized his gift was more than perception. The entire reading was incredibly specific. Leaving, I left feeling as though I had just spent the entire time chatting with my mother. The day that followed was the one‐year anniversary of my mothers death. I had been dreading the day, knowing how difficult it was going to be. My meeting with Mr. Brocas transformed my pain and sorrow to comfort and peace in knowing that Mom was okay. Mr. Brocas' compassion and talent are unmatched. He has received a gift and uses it to serve those who are truly in need. Thank You, I won't ever be enough to express my most sincere gratitude."

Susan O'Dea, Therapist

"I've had many readings by physic mediums in the past but I found Jock to be different, professional and highly accurate. He is a spiritual medium in Trance, Physical and Mental. He has written many books on the spiritual world as well as being a speaker and held many Spiritual Retreats. So I was excited to sit down and meet with him. Within in the first few minutes, Jock was there in spirit with five different people and relayed names and personal information, all of whom had specific message to communicate. Without prompting, Jock identified other spirits by name, dates and even places, and relayed messages with the language and vocabulary my loved ones would have used, all while describing actual events that no one could have known. The session lasted hours and i knew my family in spirit were alive even though i could not see. I would, and have recommended Jock to several people. You should try a reading with Jock Brocas if you want 100% accuracy and answers to your questions."

Lisa P

"I have been praying and searching for validation that my mother is still with me in some way. I had a prior reading with a different medium leaving feeling so much more depressed having not received any validations. I contacted Jock for a reading and could feel the warmth of his heart through his email. I had a lot of hope but some fear of disappointment. Right off the bat, within the first minute of sitting with Jock he said its mom and described in detail the exact issue of her passing and events that no one else could have known that happened the night of her passing and before. He provided names of my family members, described exact placement of pictures and even told me about the broken handle on her eyeglasses that we still have. He gave specific messages from my mom to help my family. I left feeling warm and good. Jock has a great deal of integrity and a special gift. I feel fortunate to have been able to meet with him. I am looking forward to seeing him again. Ive never experienced a true medium or psychic. If I didn't meet Jock I wouldn't have believed that it exists."

Susan O'Dea, Therapist

"I grew up in the Christian church and have been spiritual for as long as I can remember. However, as I grew older and became an adult I had trouble balancing my beliefs with my intellectual knowledge about the world. Mediumship was not something that I embraced and yet the death of my grandmother affected me deeply. I finally decided to have a professional sitting with Jock and the information that was relayed from my grandparents on both sides was remarkable, and what would seem insignificant to some, was some of the best validating evidence of the afterlife. Incidents, names, dates and evidence of my loved ones around me in my daily life has been enough for me to accept the afterlife is real. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from grief to come and have a professional sitting with Jock Brocas."

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