Do they miss us in the Spirit World


Do they miss us in the Spirit World

A question from a grieving mother regarding her grief and loss was the catalyst to my guide TC giving the following answer. I have detailed the question and the answer in both text and visual form that anyone who may find comfort from the words will find immediate peace.

have a question that’s really playing on my mind ,do our passed loved ones pine and miss us as much as we do them .also do they miss there life as it was before.
— feeling heartbroken.

They do not pine and miss us, for no time exists in the world of the spirit and they know that a reunion will be soon enough. They do not miss their life as it was, and that is because of the beauty and majesty of the world beyond, it is our real home, it is the reality of who we are “spirit having a human experience” and not the other way around. To those who are in the spirit, this world is dark, heavy and filled with so many problems but it is a school of development, it is where we come to develop aspects of our soul. Ask yourself, would you be happy in a place where no illness exists, where light and beauty transcends all that is, where no struggle exists in the material except that which develops your soul. They know we miss them and they always want to shower us with the love from spirit, but the reality is that in our needs, which are kind of selfish as we want them to be here, we have to understand they are in a far better place and they are still a part of our lives – even more than they were before. In the words of silver birch. “You have no idea of the beauty, richness, glory, and radiance of life in our world”
“Death is often he jailor that unlocks the door of the cell to bring freedom”

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