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Greatness Inspired

Greatness Exists In Everyone

What does it mean to be great? What makes an individual great and what do we mean by greatness. Throughout time, there have been many who have to tread the path of greatness upon the earth plane, and I often wonder what was the essence that made them that way, what really is the greatness, and can we all achieve this level of ‘ness’ in our own lifetime? As human beings, we are all striving for something greater than we are, and the reality of course is that we have greatness within us, it is part of the spirit that animates our life

Individuals such as religious leaders, scientists, artists, and warriors of all eras have changed the face of humanity in some way. Whether it is the fight for freedom, justice, forgiveness, or the inherent search for peace, these men and women have etched their lives into our hearts over time – again and again. Moreover, it is their desire to serve humanity in some way that drives them forward ceaselessly upon their path. What we must remember is that each individual is just that, an individual, who is the same as you and me in every physiological and biological way, the only difference being the vibration they emit. What this means is that everyone is made up of energy and therefore vibrates at a particular frequency, and the frequency that is omitted attracts the same. Greatness is energy and you are energy and therefore greatness is a part of you if only you would grasp the concept.

"To be great, one must think great and always have the mind on the positive and the divine."

Therefore, if you resonate on a higher vibrational plane you will attract to you those of similar vibration. Consequently, the same goes for the lower end of the frequency range. If your mind is full of negative vibration and not necessarily evil, but that of gossip, harboring negative feelings, criticism without understanding, and flattery instead of real appreciation, then you will attract to you that which mimics that vibration. Its spirit and science working hand in hand really.

The individuals of whom we speak, perhaps are also separated from the lower vibratory individual Is primarily due to the level of enlightenment they have already achieved, either by lives lived throughout time, or the culmination of many experiences, both good and bad. And so, vibration and level of enlightenment attained could be a key factor in the determination of the greatness within.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Greatness then can be likened to knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment, and the truth is that we can all reach a level of greatness, even though this may seem so far out of reach. The desire and spiritual growth is what is needed and is reachable for us all, it is your birthright, though not easily attained. Desire is the seed of divinity within.

It is the desire that gives fuel for the journey.

Everyone who has achieved something great in their lifetime, but may not realize what that is, for every good deed given without condition and in love is the beginning of that greatness.  Therefore, one has experienced the desire to change things for the better either in the immediate environment or on a larger scale. Think about the suffragette movement many years ago. One woman decided that equal rights should be awarded to the female race, and so, she changed the face of ignorant belief and repression. Gandhi fought for freedom and peace by using the desire for peace as his weapon and never once raised a fist in anger. Jesus of Nazareth taught many lessons of the spirit and was persecuted for sharing the knowledge. Another common facet of those who achieve this greatness is the element of suffering that one seems to go through. Personally, I do not feel that suffering is necessary and we should be careful how we cause suffering for the balance has to be restored at some point. But what is remarkable is that everything that was achieved by those individuals came from an innate desire to make things better – even by their own sacrifice in some way. They found their voice and spoke up against what was driven by ignorance, greed and the need for power.

The Unbalance of Power

Power is certainly no aphrodisiac but energy that consumes the individual then manifests in something great within or something negative because of the beliefs and the desire for more. Power is a dangerous thing and many who seem to have this energy would do well to respect it and recognize the responsibility they should have. This life is short, what will you do with that power when you pass and have to face up to how you have lived in this lifetime. Will you see yourself for what you really are or be faced with your bill of Karma that has to be repaid. Greatness then – cannot be linked to power, for greatness is divine in nature and is the right of every human being on the planet. Everyone can make a difference in this lifetime if only they can raise themselves above the ignorance that man has created. Raise yourself above the negative noises that darken the soul and always live with love, compassion, and forgiveness.

A question still unanswered is “what is the greatness we speak of”? It would seem that one would consider greatness to be an achievement of something out of the ordinary that has caused change for the better in some way. It is not, for greatness can be measured by a simple thing such as service to your fellow brother or sister. What makes you great is the ability you have to exercise your right to be of service, to show some act of kindness, forgiveness, or to decide to change something that is of no benefit to something that is of benefit. No matter how small or how large, your greatness is measured by your intent to be of service and your desire and capacity to effect positive change in the world – in speech, the written word or by action.

Mindful Thought Is Greatness In Action

Being mindful of your speech and how you talk to or about someone or something is great. You can achieve greatness in mindful speech by infusing it with positive energy rather than negative energy. Being mindful of your thoughts is great because only you can choose positive or negative thoughts. This is mindfulness of thinking. Deciding to be of service in some way by offering alms or help to someone less fortunate, or deciding to change the way you feel about something or the way you treat someone, this is mindfulness of decision. Every great thing was borne of thought intent and decision. The way you choose to write your words can make you great if done with the right intent.

The truth is that greatness is inspired in everyone throughout the day and we all have the right and the ability to achieve greatness in thought, in deed and in action. Therefore greatness cannot be measured by the amount you have done, but perhaps of the souls you have touched or aided in the journey no matter how you have achieved this. Greatness is not the measure of man’s achievement but his service for the greater good of mankind no matter how large or how small the act.

Many Blessings Dear Friends

Greatness is something shared with no condition!

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