How to Pray

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How to Pray

I find myself considering the power of prayer increasingly, and watching people and how they pray. I have been astounded at how individuals see prayer or believe what prayer is, also how they promote prayer or even show off prayer in public.

What is prayer?

Prayer is the adjoining of your mind, your body and your soul joining as one and harnessing the divine power that is within you. Though it sounds easy, the reality is that we often miss one aspect of the ingredients to prayer, and much of that is down to the perception of others. In order to understand prayer, we must understand the self and the divine being that we are, not just by a fragmented notion but in feeling and in knowing and seeing beyond that which is upheld within the biological functioning of the human condition.

Prayer Is Personal

As far as I am concerned, I believe that prayer should be a personal thing between you and your God or whatever you follow. I am not convinced that you have to say a particular set of words or phrases that constitute the mechanics of what prayer should or should not be. The word Prayer comes from the latin precari, which means to implore, this suggests that you are praying for a need or that you are appealing to greater subject or deity other than yourself to answer that desire. However, to pray means you can implore or ask in many ways other than requesting a desire or need, sometimes one will pray to give thanks, which suggests that need has been taken care of and you are thanking a greater power for the intercession.

how to pray

People often use archaic methods of prayer and utilize material artifacts to pray to, believing the power of the prayer will be increased by using these methods. The truth is that material artifacts have no such power and the intention and purity of the one who pray’s is what makes the power come pouring from the spirit. There Is a great difference between desire and need and spirit will ensure you have what you need and not what you desire as desire suggests it may be coming from the ego part of oneself. Perhaps this is why some prayers are not answered because this is not in line with the need for the individuals spiritual growth.

Showing you pray

I pray all the time and if one were to be able to listen to my thoughts, you would realize that for most of the day, I am in a constant state of contemplation and between that contemplative state, I pray. I am of the opinion that prayer’s meaning should be changed to “Speaking from the heart with love and compassion.” If this was the case, then perhaps we would not have as many issues in the world as we have today. For some the act of prayer is important, and the individuals feel it is necessary to make a show of the prayer by doing it in public and In view of everyone, whilst thinking they are being covert and private. Prayer is a very personal thing and you should think about it as a time where you can be alone with your maker and you can find out who you really are, you can get answers to your life’s problems and you can develop yourself spiritually. There is no need to make a show of how you pray. I will often pray before I eat or drink anything, but I do this privately and in my own mind. The power of the prayer is in the intention not the material aspect of showing others that you pray.

A catalyst to prayer, How To Pray

how to pray

People tend to pray when they need something or they pray from a state of fear, and so they do it because they are told that it is right to do it. True prayer comes from the heart and not out of need, but out of love. The power of this is astronomical as we harness a universal power to help us spiritually mature and to help us through our trials and tribulations. Pray always and pray as a matter of courtesy and not necessity. Have that spiritual discussion in your mind with spirit and be thankful in prayer – prayer is the common currency of the spirit and is a power that is available to you at any time. When you see something beautiful, thank God for giving you the eyes to perceive it and if you can feel it, give thanks or smell it, no matter what give thanks for what you have. Have an attitude of gratitude, see the wonder of miracles in your life for they are around you every day. Pray because you want to and not because you have to and most of all, pray privately and quietly as an inner spiritual power that you are divinely blessed with.

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