I will be thankful for today


I will be thankful for today

Think on this for the moment! How profound is this statement? This statement was given to me by my spirit guide when I was going through a pretty emotional time. This immediately made me consider about the wonder of the present moment. I make a particular point of being thankful every time I eat or drink something, but alas, my gratitude can often be limited to this practice. I know that even if you say a word of gratitude, it won’t work if you do not have other ingredients. Anyone can say they are thankful, but like prayer if all aspects of you are not brought into one with divine power, then it is frivolous and means nothing. We need to be  more aware of self and the relationship with divinity.

The Miracle Of Life

In recognizing the miracle of life that we live each day and the fact that I have food, a loving spouse and the blessings of the great spirit upon me – I realize that my innate divinity is a power that goes beyond suffering. To truly feel blessed each day is real gratitude. But what are you really thankful for, what are you aware of?

There are times that we feel subjugated by the world around us and the ignorance of those who remain spiritually in slumber. We are attacked for our beliefs and we are jeered at from those that seem jealous of your level of growth, and so suffering is caused on all fronts. But, and this is a big BUT; we should be grateful for the opportunity to continue our growth each new day. For each new day is another chance to learn and truly live.Every experience whether good or bad is an experience that helps us to develop.

No matter what you experience in your life, surely the experience may be an unexpected benefit. Out of the darkness is always light and a blessing remains in everything – good or bad that we experience. Perhaps though, the hardest thing is to recognize the blessing when you suffer. Awareness of your own suffering can be the catalyst to becoming aware of others who suffer too. With each new day, I have the opportunity to bless others with a smile, a kind thought, loving speech or greater service to humanity. There is no greater gift that we can give than service, and this statement, as profound as it is – comes from the world beyond our material perception.

In seeing the wonder of the flower before me, I am grateful for life and the opportunity to share in its beauty. In witnessing others who are suffering before me, I am grateful that I can pray for them and that I may be able to ease the suffering in some small way. In being aware of those who attack me or who insult me and others, I am grateful for the experience is helping me grow. The truth Is that we have more to be thankful for than not.

No Regrets

Imagine if you could never awaken to the divinity that you hold within yourself. Would you really want to come back and do it all over again or would you rather make use of the time you have each day to better yourself and make the world a joyous place to live. I have often wondered if we are fighting a losing battle against the evil and malice – not only in the world, but within the individual who is still sleeping. I arrive at the conclusion that recognizing the gift of life that we have is another opportunity to ease someone’s suffering by being of service in some way. That small ripple of positive energy can be felt on the shores of the farthest land on this earth and in all hearts. Be thankful for today, yes, because tomorrow has not arrived and no matter what has happened today, we have the opportunity to be of service tomorrow. We are seeds waiting to grow and then be thankful for tomorrow at the end of the day as you have the opportunity to send one more positive ripple of energy to the ends of the earth and to awaken the spirit of man from his slumber.

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