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Seeds of the Soul

When you plant a seed it is no longer is a seed, it begins to grow! - Jock Brocas

The Miracle of your Seeds Of The Soul; Everything starts from a seed of some description, whether it is the seed of a flower, the seed of man, or the seed of a thought – everything starts from that seed. Thoughts are considered seeds and eternal life springs from the seed of spirit. Conversely, you have to consider the question; when does the seed stop being the seed? What is the purpose of the seed and how can I learn from the seed.

The seed is a temporary state, it is you, and it can be likened to the life we live here in the earth plane. Each life experience in this plane of existence is temporary and so the seed is also temporary, because when it is planted; it is only a seed at that present moment. The growth of the seed begins instantaneously, and so it is no longer a seed as we understand it. It begins its enormous journey In life and the desire for perfection is ignited within the animating force that brought the seed into being. However, the essence of the seed is there, it is the life force, the soul power and just like the soul, our seed remains in essence a divine power through which all life is animated and all power comes forth.

Feed Your Seeds Of The Soul

At the time the spirit manifests the seed, it is pure in essence and a facet of the divine nature of being. If the seed is then nourished with the right nutrients, positivity and life force, it manifests into something wondrous such as a flower, a new born baby or a wonder of nature. If you place that seed in a negative environment, feed it with the wrong nutrients or information, it becomes a product of the negativity it is immersed in. The constant however is the essence, which remains in its purest form. The divine essence is never hidden, just often forgotten. Therefore, there is a seed of divinity in everyone, in everything and present in the moment here and now. Even in the realm of darkness, there is a seed of divinity. Strip back the layers and you will find the seed. Everything in the universe came from divine will, both good and bad.

Man is in constant turmoil with himself and his environment. The spiritual sight he has been born with is gone and the seed is no where to be found. He therefore can’t see the seed in others because he does not believe in the very seed that is the essence of himself. He is unable to forgive because he does not recognize that which is dormant and waiting for divinity to ignite its growth. It is because of this blindness that man tends to cause man harm, sometimes without knowledge and other times with malice of forethought, and due to the negativity his seed has been lost within. However, It is there, just out of sight and out of knowing temporarily, waiting on man to take charge of his garden. Moreover, you must consider that a leopard may change it’s spots when it no longer is a leopard and is manifest as a new born seed. It’s seed is the same divine essence as you and therefore you are also the leopard. So Life in its very essence is constant and evolving continually, growth continues from the beginning of the seed in its journey and all has divine relationship. The important thing is to recognize that you are the aspect of the seed, you are its growth and only you can tend that garden.

When we act in anger or make decisions based in unknown ignorance, it is because we no longer see the seed. We can’t because what we perceive is not there, it is on its path yet exists omnipotently everywhere as part of our divine nature, but because of our ignorance we remain blind. In not perceiving the seed in its truest state, we often find it difficult to forgive, to learn compassion and empathy or to just nurture someone else as the seed – to see the seed in them and help them ignite their very own growth. We make decisions based on ignorance of our very nature and so we cause – sometimes unknowingly suffering to others because of our seed blindness. We are the cause and we are the effect.

Think of the seeds of the soul, try to open your eyes to the reality of your’s and other seeds that exist in everyone for it is still there and we are growing not as seeds but as the essence of the seeds of our divine nature. Meditate on the seed, see the seed within you and help it to grow by nourishing the seeds of the soul with divine energy, positivity and mindfulness of the soul.

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