The Preciousness of Life


The Preciousness of Life

Life is precious – small things are just that – small things and mean nothing.

I write this as a tribute, in memory of a friend and colleague's brother who tragically passed a few days ago under devastating circumstances. Prayers go out to Vincent and his family. In this grand plan, we call life, many people take what is in-fact a miracle – for granted, allowing the worry of perception to shield them from the spiritual reality of who we are. It is very easy to blow out a candle and extinguish the warmth and light from the flame. The candle and the flame are interconnected and do not cease to exist because they are no longer being used. The energy that has manifest the candle and the flame is still there, very much alive and manifested as a new energy; perhaps an energy that brings new birth and beauty into the world. What we see as tragedy often conceals a hidden blessing, whether the blessing is manifest in the spiritual growth that we experience or the life lessons that are given for everyone to learn from. Perhaps one tragic experience will change the negative outcome of a tragedy borne of free will. If those lessons have taught us something that helps the tragedy become a method of service for the greater good of humanity, then in some small way, it was meant to be. The pain we cause ourselves when we lose loved ones is a futile pain borne by our love connection that is considered severed. However, in knowing that our bonds of love exist for all eternity, we can take some succor in the knowledge that our loved ones continue to exist just as the flame of the candle exists, and they visit us to give us the warmth we need when we are most in need, therefore our pain eases. I know it is difficult to see blessings in something when we are suffering, yet the truth remains; those blessings are there, and often manifest later when we are suffering less. Our loved ones no longer suffer on the other side and we have to ask ourselves who is more blessed. The love we have is chains that are forged since the beginning of time and will never be broken. Live like it’s your last day and love like there is no tomorrow. Don’t worry about the small things in life for our trials and tribulations are only temporary states that exist to help us grow upon our own spiritual path. The only one you have to answer to is you, god in his infinite wisdom passes no judgment and therefore you only have to be happy with yourself. You are given the tools to correlate your life and to achieve the enlightenment you search for. Know in your heart that you are spirit and you exist for all eternity and those bonds of love that you have forged will help you continue and grow on your path to spirit.

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